About Us

A. A. Rich and Associates (AAR) was established as a fisheries and ecological consulting firm in 1983.  The firm is a certified (CalTrans UDBE # 35285, California Public Utilities Commission WBE # 9KS00077) woman-owned sole proprietorship located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  AAR is owned and managed by Dr. Alice A. Rich, who has over 30 years of technical and administrative experience on a wide range of projects in fishery resources management.  AAR has completed hundreds of freshwater, estuarine, and marine studies throughout the western states, the East Coast, and Canada.

AAR is fully equipped to conduct a wide variety of studies.  Equipment includes boats, electroshocking gear, beach seines, fyke nets, block nets, water temperature and water quality supplies and apparatus, IFIM field gear, field computers, etc.   To process data, conduct statistical analyses, and produce technical reports, AAR uses a number of data management and statistical computer programs.  High quality analysis and products are provided throughout each phase of a study.